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"Atomic Flea brings in meaningful lyrics coupled with subtle vocals and acoustically pleasing strings to put anyone in a good mood."
– 88.1FM KVSC's "Monday Night Live" (10/5/09)

Press for "BABADEBABA"

Early July is the perfect time for a bit of summery pop-rock, which happens to be the stock in trade of local quartet Atomic Flea, whose cheery tunes triangulate the zone between Dan Wilson, The Beach Boys, and the Hang Ups.

The Onion

Atomic Flea celebrates the release of their 3rd studio album "Babadebaba" along with the companion graphic novel, which includes imagery of giant robots, flying saucers, penguins an an explanation on how the unique title came about. Atomic Flea's pop sensibility, nostalgia, and catchy hooks will most certainly have you humming along for days.

Candy-coated quartet Atomic Flea performs Saturday at Bryant-Lake Bowl to promote its second CD, "Babadebaba," a title that's emblematic of the bubbly, breezy pop heard throughout the disc, with echoes of McCartney and Crowded House.

Star Tribune

With everyone trying so hard to carve out a brand-new place for themselves in the world, Atomic Flea seem to have discovered plenty of room in the old spaces and set up shop on Babadebaba, the release of which they will be celebrating tonight. The ghosts of the Byrds and the Beatles–with just a smidge of They Might Be Giants–shake the dust off their chains and haunt these songs for a new generation, not to explicitly remind anyone of a particular band so much as a particular time. Atomic Flea don't sound overtly nostalgic themselves, but certainly possess the ability to trigger nostalgic feelings within the listener for the simpler time in your life when things like a job, bills, mortgages, and the like were adult concerns and all you had to worry about was the level of air in the tires of your bicycle and the occasional math problem. Well, now you're an adult with all the crappy, boring responsibilities that go along with it. Hopefully, though, your sense of wonder and ability to a have guilt-free, careless good time have not left you. If not, prepare for a euphoric night out; if so, may God save your soul.

Pat O'Brien


These are nice guys with a new album, Babadebaba, full of uplifting tunes reminiscent of TMBG, Matt Pond PA, Weezer and early Beatles. Read the full interview.

The apocalypse is typically portrayed as a gloomy event. Unpleasantness of one sort and another abounds in what most of us imagine the end of the world to be like. But Atomic Flea is here to tell you that apocalyptic visions don't necessarily have to be so disagreeable. They can be sunny, finger-snappin' visions you can tap your toes to. Read the full interview.

Good pop sensibility, fun tunes and nice arrangements. That is what you get with Atomic Flea's "Babadebaba", nothing more and nothing less.

Nelson Heise
Rift Magazine


Press for "The Means" and "Counter-Revolution"

The band's debut, "Counter Revolution," is a pleasant album filled with retrofitted, hummable pop-rock.

Vickie Casey
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Counter-Revolution is the song that starts off this album and man, is it catchy. It resembles classic, catchy, poppy songs that have not been heard for about the past 20 years.

Neal Mayerle
From Cake Magazine

Kind of pop, kind of punk, a scoop of rock and a dash of funk, kind of big and kind of small, no need to ramble, that says it all. This release is full of quick, clever tunes that are packed with bursts of electric energy.

Atomic Flea is a great name; they write catchy, neo-pop, Beatles/Byrds-style songs with cool titles like "Save A Tear," "Love Called Hate," and "Icarus." Three of them are Notre Dame graduates. The songs on this CD don't need the kitschy overload the press kit invites (they sent me an Atomic Flea Key Ring), and band members Mike, Eric, Bill, and Nick make some pretty catchy, summer-style rock and roll when they're not busy programming, machining, designing, and engineering. "Save A Tear" is a June radio single if I've ever heard one, and with their self-described plan to "get out there and kick some candy counter-revolutionary ass," they should be sinking their sly little hooks in your ears very soon.

Tom Hallett
Pulse of the Twin Cities