(Here's the lyrics to the latest EP. Lyrics to other albums can be found on the Babadebaba legacy site.)

Stars and Bars
Nothing Left to Chance
Falling From the Sky
Upon the Waves
Hold You
One Goodbye


Stars and Bars

10,000 red-hearted stars
look down on the New York bars
and all I want to do is hide
And all I want to do is hang out with the stars and fly

Too vast to comprehend
The depths behind your clear blue lenses
Reflecting galaxies
Gathering heat and light off of you into me

Da da dum da, Da da dum da-ah
Come see the stars
Da da dum da, Da da dum da-ah
In the cocktail bars
Da da dum da, Da da dum da-ah
Oh how they sparkle and shine
In the crystal blue-green-white light
But you know
These stars and bars won’t last forever

And then one great flash of light
All quiet now across the cold, dark night and
Eternity mesmerized
In one last astonished blink of your vanishing eye


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Nothing Left to Chance

There’s an ocean in this hotel room
Between you and me
I’d better learn to swim
These icy waters they could kill a man
or stop a heart from beating
I won’t let you sail away

But you’ve got the wind at your back
Your knives out for the attack
You raise your voice so everyone will hear
You’ve left nothing to chance my dear

Trace my logic in the cracked floor tiles
I wander in the maze
How do I turn around
Maybe it’s just a passing phase
And we’re just growing out
Sending signals through the haze

With the …(chorus)

And all I can do is watch x 2
All I can do is watch you disappear
O’er the horizon

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Falling From the Sky

Trees are talking two by two
I know it’s true
I heard it in the wind
Rocks roll down the mountainside
From the highest heights
There’s nowhere left to hide

Walls fall up and down like rain
All across the plain
To cut us all in two
Piece by piece
The master plan
Rolls out of hand
And over all we knew

Click-clack goes the engine
Throw more coal on the fire
And all our best intentions
Burn bright from every spire
The wheels pull down the darkness
Over our eyes
And no one notices the stars
Falling from the sky

Voices whisper,
Call your name
The words all the same
The message all too clear
Truth was lost along the way
And the price we paid
Was all we held so dear

Feel the darkness
All around
Deep in the ground
Pulsing through your veins
Quiet Wonder
Make a spark
Break through the dark
Point us on our way

Chorus (When someone points up at the stars)

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Upon the Waves

Feel these ragged stones
So like my bones
Tired, cold, and restless
Walk this shore alone
Between the moans
Of night and morning

Just like everyday
Since the day
Your dark eyes looked and
Watched these heavens rage
And on this stage
The sea she took you

My heart so deep below
And so it goes I speak these
Whispers to the sea
That she would bring you back to me

I recall the day
So far away
The end to all my roaming
(When) there inside your eyes
did reside
The waters of my home

"Not long now, my love,
Of counting days
And longing sorrow.
Not long now," she said,
"Just count the waves
I sail to tomorrow."


Seagulls, stones, and sand
On which I stand
Among the mists of memory
Tethered to this land
A broken man
A shadow of what could have

Been now every hour
in every way
and waking moment
Tunring night to day
The sea foam spray
my lamentation


Upon the waves, my love
Upon the waves, my love

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Hold You

I stumble through another day
Draw the map of my escape
Slings and arrows come my way
But still I make my getaway, to…

Hold you

I play the angles on the fly
Just another slice of life
But it makes no difference where I stand
As I fall into your arms again, and…


I fade into the darkest night
Spirits drift on out of sight
But still a light shines on your face
Deep within your warm embrace, as I….


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One Goodbye

What I want
I have got
Can you be
What I’m not

In the lights and the sounds of this town all around me

What I need
I have seen
What I am
I have been

In the lights and the sounds of this town all around me
Oh I remember then way back when, when you found me

And in this one goodbye
A thousand worlds collide
And at last these birds can fly

Where I’m going
Who can say
Here tomorrow
And gone today

In the lights and the sounds of this town all around me
Oh I remember then way back when, when you found me




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