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Atomic Flea (n.)

ATOMIC FLEA is (from left to right):

Mike Senkovich on Guitar/Vox
Dawn Bentley on Violin/Vox
Eric Kreidler on Vox/Guitar
John Hizon on Bass/Vox

Our sound is rooted in Beatles-esque pop but never ceases to incorporate our ever-evolving musical interests and curiousities. Our music has been likened to Matt Pond PA, Dan Wilson, and They Might be Giants, and newer songs intertwine pop sensibilities with more spacious, introspective songwriting.

Based in Minneapolis, Mike, Eric, and John have been playing and writing music together as Atomic Flea since 1996. Dawn, formerly of Katzenjammer and co-owner of Snowplow Records, began with the group as guest violinist on Babadebaba, and became a full-time member in 2008.

Falling From the Sky is the band's fourth independent release.

Until 2008, the band was primarily a drum-backed pop-rock group, although the direction was heading towards a more acoustic sound for several years. On "Get By," the opening track of our third album (Babadebaba) we decided to include the violin stylings of one Dawn Bentley. Needless to say it was the start of a beautiful friendship, and Dawn decided she could tolerate us enough to join the group as a full-time member.

Also a veteran of the Twin-Cities' music scene -- and the only Minnesota native in the group -- Dawn started her rock-n-roll days with mid-90s pop-punk-abilly outfit Katzenjammer, ultimately co-running the band's label, Snowplow Records. The label featured Minneapolis regulars Helva, Vinnegar Madonna, and other well-known acts. While not quite as loud as Katzenjammer (and not yet known to feature flaming whiskey shots) Dawn seems to be having a great time in shaping the latest Atomic Flea sound. And guitarist Mike Senkovich still rocks out regularly with local pop-rock masters The Humbugs.

And what is that sound? One can only speculate. But so far, the combination of classic acoustic pop, spacious indie folk, Dawn's five-string vioin (love that low C!), and Mike's guitar-pedal alchemy has been more than enough to keep this well-traveled musical project firing on all cylinders.